The Celery Stalks Health Best Pieces Of Post-Surgical Advice I Received With Joy Rodak

Best Pieces Of Post-Surgical Advice I Received With Joy Rodak

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You’re getting ready to go under the knife, and you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions. You might be scared, excited, or nervous. But once the surgery is over, there are some things you can do to ease yourself back into your daily life with ease. In this article, Joy Rodak I detail some of the best bits of post-surgical advice I received before my surgery that helped me get back on my feet after recovery took place.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

Crossing your legs is a common cause of swelling. If you must cross your legs, do so only for a very brief time and try not to repeat it.

Another way to avoid this issue is by wearing compression stockings or pantyhose on the affected side after surgery (this applies if you have leg pain). It will help reduce swelling in the leg and foot.

If you do cross your legs during recovery, take care not to walk on that foot until it returns to its normal position!

Keep It Elevated

The first bit of post-surgery advice I was given was to keep my wound elevated says Joy Rodak. This helps it heal faster, but if you keep it elevated for too long, you can get blood clots in your legs. The best way to keep your wound elevated is with a pillow or rolled-up towel under the bandage.

If you can’t do this at home (or if you forget), try elevating your leg on top of something like a desk or chair when sitting down–that should be enough to prevent any problems with blood clots forming!

Don’t Put Anything Under The Bandages

The most important thing to remember after surgery is not to put anything under or on top of your incision. This means that you should not let anything sit on it, Joy Rodak touch it, or come into contact with any other part of your abdomen. This includes clothing (especially tight), jewelry, makeup, and even body lotion if there’s an open wound present. Your doctor will likely tell you what specific items are off-limits for each type of surgery so listen carefully when he tells you what not to do!

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