The Celery Stalks Service Taste the Authenticity of Fugazzeta: A Delicious Sliced pizza

Taste the Authenticity of Fugazzeta: A Delicious Sliced pizza

Taste the Authenticity of Fugazzeta: A Delicious Sliced pizza post thumbnail image

Pizza is one of the world’s most loved dishes, and it comes in endless variations. Each region in Italy has its unique take on the delicacy. And as with any cuisine that grows so internationally popular, the spinoff dishes also become popularized. Fugazetta is one such spinoff dish of pizza that is typical of Argentina, and it’s making waves worldwide as people get to experience this stuffed sliced pizza. If you haven’t tasted Fugazzeta, here’s why you should.

Fugazzeta is a stuffed pizza that originates from Argentina, but it’s similar to other stuffed pizzas in Italy and farther afield. The filling is usually a combination of onions, cheese, and light spices, making it a perfect dish for vegetarians. The crust base is thin, and it’s cooked in a rectangular or square shape, making it slightly more filling than your average slice of pizza. The name “Fugazzeta” originates from Argentina and was coined by the country’s Italians who lived there a long time ago.

Traditionally, the Fugazzeta was cooked in brick-built ovens that were fueled by wood. In the past, the Argentinian locals would eat it alongside roasted beef cuts and local drinks like mate and Fernet. You can now find it being sold on the streets of Buenos Aires, where it’s sliced into squares and served at room temperature. It’s become widely popular among young Argentinians and foodies who love trying out something new and unique.

To get the full experience of Fugazzeta, you have to take a trip to Argentina or find a restaurant that’s cooking up this delicacy. Most specialist restaurants like Buenos Aires Pizzeria, which is based in Miami and Sao Paolo, stock the dish. Every mouthful in this dish is worth savoring, as it captures the authentic tastes of Argentina, from the spices to the onions, and cheese. If you’re looking to try out something new, then this is the way to go.

Fugazzeta is quite easy to make at home. You can prepare it in the oven if you don’t have access to a traditional brick-built oven. To make your own, start by preheating the oven to 400°F. For the topping, cook thinly sliced onions with olive oil over low heat until soft and caramelized. Press out store-bought pizza dough into a square or rectangle and spread out the onion mixture in a layer on the bottom. Add a layer of grated mozzarella cheese and top with another layer of pizza dough. With a fork, prick the top so that steam can escape while it bakes, bake for around 25 minutes. Once done, let it cool for about five minutes before slicing and enjoying.

In short

If you’re a pizza lover, then widen your horizons and try something new by venturing into the world of fugazzeta. With its unique texture, taste, and mesmerizing aroma, it’s a dish that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you decide to try it out in a traditional Argentinian restaurant, purchase it from a specialist supplier or try to make it at home, there’s no better time to expand your culinary world and try Fugazzeta today!


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